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  • Wheel of the Year Tarot 🌟 . TEN OF CHALICES . The Ten of Chalices indicates that the joy you seek is within reach. Whether it is in family values, a sense of being at one with the world or emotional fulfilment in a relationship, this is a time to count your blessings and prepare for the good times. Just don’t become complacent. . The rather sentimental image of a family gazing in awe at a rainbow of cups speaks to our highest ideals. We search for happiness, and draw tarot cards to provide us with some meaning of what is happening to us right now and what is to come. . When you draw this card in the ‘you now’ position, the flow of energy is positive, so make the most of it. Work hard for peace and commitment, love the one you’re with and iron out any difficulties. There is a sense of harmony close to you. The key to the happiness door might be right in front of your eyes; or your nearest and dearest, lover, family and friends are all there to support you. . As a ‘blockage’ card, you may be so compelled to find love and harmony solely through family values that you are ignoring your own personal pathway. Alternatively, turning your back on the world and idealising about a ‘happy ever after’ future is preventing you from moving on. In a ‘future’ position, you will soon see the light, welcome emotional fulfilment and restore the balance in your life. . Keywords: . Family happiness, joy, peace, harmony, promise of more to come, safe haven. . Key phrases: . - Feeling at one with the world - Seeing the light - Emotional fulfilment - Contemplation of cycle - Sexual commitment - Love’s ideals attainable - Restoring the status quo
  • августы и феврали - явления совершенно уникальные (с маями и ноябрями не так очевидно) . и вот нынче август (уже под горку) . нежность, благодарность и неотвратимость - это то, что переполняет августы . полновесные благосклонные имперские яблоки, поглаживания сердец ладонью (неизбежный привет от цветаевой) . несколько лет подряд из-за особенностей электорального процесса в нашей стране я августами оказываюсь страшно занята. прихожу в себя только в сентябре, когда всё уже состоялось (август состоялся!) . чтобы совсем не ввести это безобразие в традицию и чтобы не забывать относиться к августу как к совершенно особенному месяцу, я учусь принюхиваться к нему, даже застряв в работе по уши . в этот месяц сильнее всего чувствуется поворот времени: это инерция корней и плодов так влияет на вращение земли . корни перегоняют силу земли в плоды, и мы можем взять эту силу в её концентрированном выражении в руки, упаковать в мешки, сложить в погреб и выжить зимой (и как бы супермаркеты ни отрицали сезонность бытия, это всё равно чувствуется - плодоношение как разрешение земли от забот и бремени) . в это время я люблю смотреть на картах всякое про плоды: тихо садиться, как толстая репа на грядке, и чувствовать, сколько я всего сделала и как потрудилась. настоящий итог года ощущается здесь даже больше, чем 31 декабря, которое суть привычный, но довольно искусственный переход через ноль . заземлиться в позе репы и всё-всё прочувствовать - вязкость соков, запах дыма, прощание тепла . люблю тебя, август, читай меня в Сети, dear . #настроение_verbatarot #время #wheeloftheyeartarot #ткст_verbatarot
  • Wheel of the Year Tarot 🌟 . KNIGHT OF CHALICES . Whether you are the ‘knight in shining armour’ yourself or the victim who needs to be rescued, you should check that your intentions, well-meaning or welcoming, are not an illusion. This card often turns up in a layout when we are not being honest about our feelings. So think about what your role is within a relationship. Do you want to be rescued or does the object of your desire want to be rescued? . Genuine self-questioning is always necessary with all the Knight cards because they represent the extremes of their suit’s energy. On the positive side, when drawn as a ‘you now’ or ‘future’ card, this represents someone who is a great lover, is full of emotions, charm and desire to please the other. . On the negative side, the Knight of Cups suggests someone who is even more sensitive to the atmosphere and opinions of others than the Page. They ‘take things personally’, but are immune to others’ feelings, they get twitchy, petulant, irritable and melodramatic about life. . Keywords: . Idealisation, emotional sensitivity, in love with love, invitation to love, romantic overflow, temperamental . Key phrases: . - Knight in shining armour - Emotional rescue - Dashing off to rescue someone - Exaggeration of feeling - Melancholic but then ecstatic - Loves beauty but hates imperfection - Imaginative but unrealistic - Gushing sentiments, suspect intentions
  • Wheel of the Year Tarot 🌟 . JUSTICE ⚖️ . What is fair to one person may not be so to another, but when you draw this card you are being reminded to take a very rational view of the situation or issue at stake. How involved are you emotionally? Can you see the wood for the trees or do you believe that someone else is being unfair or judgemental? Justice asks us to look logically and objectively at ourselves, to find the whole truth and nothing but the truth, even if it means recognising that we have made mistakes and thus must make amends accordingly. What it also says is that you ought not to be judgemental about your actions or intentions or those of others. You may find this turning up when a decision is to be made, and, if it is in the ‘you now’ position, you will be able to do so with a more rational viewpoint than you thought. . Keywords: Fairness, harmony, equality, cause and effect. . Key phrases: - Objective thinking restores balance - Interaction and communication are essential - Accepting the truth - Taking responsibility for your choices - Making choices - Looking at both sides of the argument - Sexual equality
  • New tarot decks came today! Green witch tarot and wheel of the year tarot! #tarot #greenwitchtarot #wheeloftheyeartarot
  • 🌞Karta Dnia: Ósemka Kielichów ✨Interpretacja: Karta mówi o pożegnaniach i rozstaniu. Możliwe, że dzisiaj zaistnieje potrzeba zrezygnowania z czegoś i poszukiwania nowych dróg. . 🌙A jaka jest Twoja karta dnia? 🌙What is your card of the day? . #tarot #tarotcommunity #tarots #tarotista #cardoftheday #tarotdecks #tarotcards #thewitchyclub #modernwitch #witchessociety #eclecticwitch #vsco #wheeloftheyeartarot #flatlay #alliseeispretty #magick #wicca #shells #distractionsandinspirations #tarocistka #kartadnia #czytanie #nowoczesnytarot #muszle #czarownica #cartomancy #kartytarota
  • Him, Her & Us Spread using the Wheel of the Year Tarot 🌟 . Him: THE MOON . Keywords: Intuition, fear, self-deceit, illusion. . Key Phrases: - Tricky love affair - Blind to the truth, unrealistic dreams - Feeling confused - Feeling worried and apprehensive - Trusting your intuition - Losing touch with reality . Her: NINE OF PENTACLES . Keywords: Accomplishment, refinement, independence, self-reliance. . Key phrases: - Being resourceful - Knowing you are in control of the situation - Financial or material security - Enjoying the finer pleasures of life - An inner sense of security - Acting on your own - Self-discipline . Us: TEMPERANCE . Keywords: Self-control, compromise, moderation, virtue. . Key phrases: - The blending of ideas - Harmony and understanding - Moderation is the key to success - Alchemical process - Recognising co-operation - Healing energy . . . #34TheBlankSlate #HimHerUs #WheelOfTheYearTarot #MariaCaratti #TheTarotBible #SarahBartlett #TheMoon #NineOfPentacles #Temperance #Tarot #TarotSpread
  • Deck 1 of the #allmydecks2019 challenge by mystic.marni -The Wheel of The Year Tarot is my go to deck. This deck speaks to me clearly and I always get amazing readings from it ♥️ #tarot #tarotcommunity #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcards #dailydraws #tarotreadersofig #tarotgram #tarotreaders #ilovetarot #tarotjunkie #staycalmandreadcards #wheeloftheyeartarot
  • Wheel of the Year Tarot 🌟 . THREE OF WANDS . A highly creative card, the Three of Wands indicates that it is time to explore future possibilities with foresight and a sense of adventure... you have a chance to look ahead before you take a new path. . It is timely to reflect on what you know to be right for you and what is on offer. This is not a card about taking a risk; rather, like any real explorer, you set off with provisions, a map, plans and knowledge of the territory. Is it going to be a barren landscape or is there something calling you on? . When you draw this card in a ‘you now’ position, it is time to work with your plans, unleash your knowledge and start to show others you know the way forward. Rather like Prometheus in Greek mythology (whose name, incidentally, means ‘foresight’), you are about to embark on a great adventure, but remember to give back something to the world rather than do it solely for personal profit. Prometheus stole fire from the gods to give to mankind and was accordingly punished by being chained to a rock every day. . Keywords: . Foresight, expansion, exploration, contemplation. . Key phrases: . - Seeking new adventure - Following up new clues - Seeing how best to act - Knowing what is going to happen next - Having an open perspective - Starting on a new journey - Awareness of your intentions - Knowledge as Power - A sense of vocation
  • 🌞Karta Dnia: Dziewiątka Monet ✨Interpretacja: Karta traktuje o korzystaniu z owoców swojej pracy. Może zwiastować dzisiaj dobre informacje. Jest to dzień przepełniony sukcesem i szczęściem. . 🌞Card of the Day:Nine of Pentacles ✨Interpretation: This card is about picking fruits of your work. It can also heralds some good news. Today is the day of success and joy. . 🌙A jaka jest Twoja karta dnia? 🌙What is your card of the day? . #tarot #tarotcommunity #tarots #tarotista #cardoftheday #tarotdecks #tarotcards #thewitchyclub #modernwitch #witchessociety #eclecticwitch #vsco #wheeloftheyeartarot #flatlay #alliseeispretty #magick #wicca #shells #distractionsandinspirations #tarocistka #kartadnia #czytanie #nowoczesnytarot #muszle #czarownica #cartomancy #kartytarota
  • August 17 - 3 of Chalices 🌊 and 9 of Chalices 🌊 Starts with a little, ends with a lot. * Don't be fooled to thinking that the little things you're receiving now will be the best you'll get. The big picture will hold so much more for you, this is only the beginning. * So if you're getting a step ahead in your plan, if something good happens that's okay, but nowhere near what you really want, see it as only that. One step. Soon there will be another, and another, and another, and all these little steps need to be recognized as a reason for celebration, a joy in their own right. If you're too busy looking for that finish flag, you'll run past all the obstacles on the way without even realizing how big they are and how much you've already accomplished by getting there. Trust me, if you do that, and just focus on rushing to the finish line, you'll feel all the poorer, even if you get there first. * So rejoice the little steps. And once you get to the last, all your journey has been filled with joy and celebration. Wouldn't that be an amazing path to look back on? * #enjoythejourney #smallsteps #enjoylife #dailytarot #dailycard #dailytarotreading #dailyreading #dailycards #tarotreaders #tarotoftheday #tarotreading #tarot #tarotcards #tarotcard #3ofcups #3ofchalices #9ofcups #9ofchalices #wheeloftheyeartarot #loscarabeo
  • 🌞Karta Dnia: Księżyc ✨Interpretacja: Karta odnosi się często do spraw ukrytych czy tajemniczych. Zapowiada przemianę w postrzeganiu rzeczywistości. Tego dnia mogą pojawić się istotne wydarzenia. . 🌞Card of the Day: The Moon ✨Interpretation: This card relates to mystery or hide things. It heralds transformation of perception of reality. Today can appear important events. . 🌙A jaka jest Twoja karta dnia? 🌙What is your card of the day? . #tarot #tarotcommunity #tarots #tarotista #cardoftheday #tarotdecks #tarotcards #thewitchyclub #modernwitch #witchessociety #eclecticwitch #vsco #wheeloftheyeartarot #flatlay #alliseeispretty #magick #wicca #shells #distractionsandinspirations #tarocistka #kartadnia #czytanie #nowoczesnytarot #muszle #czarownica #nowoczesnaczarownica #kartytarota
  • Wheel of the Year Tarot 🌟 . THE HIGH PRIESTESS . The High Priestess is the archetypal symbol of all that is unknown. She is all-seeing, but gives nothing away and guards the secrets of the unconscious. She represents the interface between the apparent real world and all other realms. When you draw this card it is timely to look behind the veil of life’s illusion, to look beyond that which is obvious or plain fact, and to accept that there is mystery in life, too. . In the ‘you now’ position, the High Priestess indicates that you need to unlock your memory box, develop your hidden potential or listen to your intuition to guide you. This card represents feminine power but, unlike the Empress who represents worldliness, the Priestess symbolises the esoteric unknown factor, the feminine instinct that has mystified mankind for thousands of years. . Keywords: . Secrets, hidden feelings, intuition, the healer, feminine power, silent potential, the unconscious, hidden motivation, mysterious influences, developing talents. . Key phrases: . - A secret needs to be revealed - Trust in your intuition - Seeing beyond what is obvious - Remembering something of significance . . . #34TheBlankSlate #WheelOfTheYearTarot #MariaCaratti #TheHighPriestess #Tarot #TarotCard #Secrets #HiddenFeelings #Intuition #TheHealer #FemininePower #SilentPotential #TheUnconscious #HiddenMotivation #Mysterious #Influences #DevelopingTalents #TrustYourIntuition #TheTarotBible #SarahBartlett
  • Wheel of the Year Tarot 🌟 . KNIGHT OF SWORDS ⚔️ . Like all the Knights, our chevalier of the Swords represents the extremes of the suit’s energy. When this card appears in a layout, take care which energy you identify with. The Knight either represents an aspect of yourself or someone you know. . As a ‘you now’ card, use your energy positively to analyse the current situation, but don’t rush headlong into making any decisions without careful thought. You may want to get things done hastily, you may lack sensitivity or simply be so influential and intellectually together that you know you can persuade anyone to see things your way. . The vain assumptions of the Knight might manifest via others. A partner may be aloof or emotionally distant, or rush headlong into a new project without thinking of the consequences. A friend or new admirer might demand too much attention or is tactless, gets straight to the point or won’t take no for an answer. . The Knight Of Swords can also imply that you need to be more self-assured, speak up, not fear criticism or worry that you are going to upset someone by what you believe. Remember, when you draw a Knight, you must apply your current situation or issue to the layout. Be very honest about which extreme of behaviour the Knight of Swords is representing in your life. . Keywords: . Self-assured, incisive, frank, impetuous, knowledgeable, critical or indiscreet, impatient, tactless and brusque, powerful intellect. . Key phrases: . - Analyses the situation - Cuts off from feeling . . . #34TheBlankSlate #WheelOfTheYearTarot #MariaCaratti #KnightOfSwords #Tarot #TarotCard #Analyse #Analysing #SelfAssured #Incisive
  • August 16 - Ace of Wands 🔥 and Strength 🦁 Yes you should! * Is there a dream you're putting off because "maybe it's not the time" or "maybe it's not for me"? Oh, but it is time! And it is yours! All you need to do is to go for it! * What's the worst that could happen? I mean, if there's no lives on the line, what's the harm? What's the worst that could happen? Could you manage it, if it did? * And after you're done panicking about that, don't forget to ask yourself too, what's the best that could happen? What if all your dreams DO come true? What if all those amazing wonderful things you've been daydreaming about are just around the corner, waiting for you to take that turn? * Wouldn't you want to find out? * #aceofwands #strenght #dailytarot #dailycard #dailytarotreading #dailyreading #dailycards #tarotreaders #tarotoftheday #tarotreading #tarot #tarotcards #tarotcard #wheeloftheyeartarot #loscarabeo #goforit #fullmooninaquarius #motivation
  • твое лицо, когда карта дня хорошая, а день - дребедень😂 ⠀ бывает, вытянешь *хорошую карту, а все идет наперекосяк. бывает? да бывает! как понять? давайте разбираться. ⠀ во-первых, при взаимодействии с картами нужно абстрагироваться от понятий *хороший и *плохой. потому что *хороший и *плохой - это субъективные понятия. что для одного хорошо, для другого катастрофа. *хорошая карта - это карта, которая с большей долей вероятности предрекает меньше сложностей. т.е. все относительно. ⠀ во-вторых, любая карта амбивалентна, т.е. заключает в себе противоположные значения. и весь спектр значений между этими противоположными полюсами. например, Императрица - это весь спектр от мачехи до феи-крестной в сказке ‘Золушка’. доставая карту, мы получаем всю ее целиком. прямое или перевернутое положение просто показывает вероятность реализации тех или иных аспектов карты. или показывает вероятный способ реализации. ⠀ в-третьих, карта не сделает за вас. карта показывает потенциал и оптимальные способы его реализации. какая бы ни была *хорошая карта, думать, делать, принимать решения все равно нужно вам. иначе как в глухом диалоге, когда один собеседник спросил другого, другой отвечает, но первый его уже не слушает и думает о своем. если мы спросили совет карт, нужно хотя бы услышать и проанализировать полученный ответ. и на основании этого уместно применить к жизни. ⠀ и последний важный момент. таро - это путь саморазвития. все, что происходит между нами и картами, - питательная среда для нашего совершенствования. если по карте происходят нежелательные события - это признак того, что вам нужно учиться взаимодействовать с энергией, которую карта несет. в астрологии это называется слабая планета. и даже если это Венера - одна из двух самых добрых планет - она доставляет неудобства. ⠀ Венера сопоставима с Императрицей в таро. т.е. если вам выпала Императрица - карта с роскошнейшим потенциалом - а события вас не радуют, значит нужно обратить внимание на свою внутреннюю императрицу: развивать и созидательно усиливать энергии Императрицы в себе. тогда, даже выпадая перевернутой, Императрица не будет вас огорчать. ⠀ другие публикации по трактовкам карт есть по тегу #какпонимать_tsc
  • August 15 - Hierophant 📜 and the Ace of Pentacles 🌱 Healing. Love. Light. * There is kindness in the air today. I feel very light and comfortable and loved. Healing forces are at work, and it's always a good idea to pay it forward. * Be merciful, be helpful, be present in your life today. There's no need to engage in petty arguments or let unpleasant thoughts linger. Let it in and let it out, along with your breathing. In and out. * By remaining calm and balanced you invite more of that same energy to enter your life. Everything is going to be okay. * (One of my cats desperately needed to be a part of this reading today, it was a struggle to get any kind of acceptable photo, so I just had to add some "bloopers" as well. Enjoy! He's such a precious little nut. 🌸) * #calm #healing #kindness #dailytarot #dailycard #dailycards #dailytarotreading #dailyreading #tarotreaders #tarotreading #tarot #tarotcards #tarotoftheday #wheeloftheyeartarot #loscarabeo #hierophant #aceofpentacles #aceofcoins #tarotandcats #cats #catsofinstagram
  • August 14 - The Fool 🤡 and Princess of Swords 🗡️ Go for it, but don't rush in unprepared. * Okay, so you're ready for that big step! Great, fun, exiting new things are happening and you're finally ready to step on board and get on with it, right? Just remember that even when embarking on a new adventure, you don't need to throw all caution to the wind, you can prepare ahead for some possible bumps on the road. Just so everything goes along smoothly as you explore your new reality. * So instead of looking at just the very first step of this new journey, stop at the doorstep and try to get a glimpse of what might come after. No need to dive deep into the fears of the future or start hesitating your choices here, the path is no doubt the one that's calling for you, and one that you shouldn't deny from yourself. Just don't rush in blindfolded and foolish, totally unprepared. You don't want to find yourself in a freefall without a parachute. * #goforit #prepareyourself #dailytarot #dailycard #dailytarotreading #dailycards #tarot #tarotreaders #tarotreading #tarotcards #wheeloftheyeartarot #loscarabeo #thefool #princessofswords
  • August 13 - 4 of Chalices 🌊 and The Magician 🔮 Good things come to those who wait. * Don't be afraid to go play in the rain while you wait for it to stop so you can get back to business. Sunny days serve for getting things done, but sometimes a little rest is just as fun. The end results may surprise you. * Things happen around you even if you don't move a muscle. Letting things go on their own weight can actually be better than trying to force it. * The universe knows what it's doing, take today to settle down and recharge, either by doing nothing or doing some of those fun things you usually don't have time for because "things to do" get in the way! You'll find your inner strength greatly replenished and ready for more wonder and magic, once the gray of the rain is gone. * The Lion's Gate Portal is still happening and some are definitely feeling it. It can bring some pretty heavy changes along, but really there's no hurrying it. So best to sit back and enjoy the ride, for now. * #alittlerest #fornow #dailytarot #dailycard #dailycards #dailytarotreading #4ofcups #fourofcups #4ofchalices #fourofchalices #4ofwater #fourofwater #wheeloftheyeartarot #loscarabeo #themagician #tarotreaders #tarotreading #tarot #tarotcards #lionsgateportal