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  • GENERAL COLLECTIVE READING (8/22) : . 💥 . Ooooo I don’t like this energy very much. What to heck is going on y’all????? Again, we’re gonna keep it short in sweet here mmmmk? . 💥 . Somebody is ready to pop off, on you in particular, Viewer. 😬🙅‍♀️ Avoid this energy if at all possible. I see you as walking away from this situation and toxic energy, in general. This is hurting someone else’s pride and it won’t work to try to ease/please/remedy the situation rn. They’re just not gonna listen 🤷‍♀️ . 💥 . Advice: Just... walk away. Whomever this is in your life is on a war path and going through some internal shit. There’s no reasoning rn, without starting more bullshit. Don’t indulge. Stay silent & strong. . 💥 . Deck used : Golden Universal Tarot . . . #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreading #tarotcardreading #tarotreader #freereading #freetarotreading #collective #collectivereading #guidance #advice #dailyread #dailyreading #goldentarot #goldenuniversaltarot
  • 🌹Red Room Oracle🌹 08/22/19 • Deck available on my Etsy shop, link in bio! • Channeled Song: Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons • Devotion, Big Spender & Getaway - This is giving me more of those “dedicated, diligent” planning vibes we’ve been seeing lately. Someone is planning something “extra special and extra BIG” to “whisk you away” when they “make their offer”. I’m also hearing “rest assured” the other person “IS 100% as devoted to this connection as you are, they can’t get you off their mind.” • Indulgence, Dance With Me & You’re Mine - I really see someone “laying on the romance” really big here, but in a beautiful, personal way, not cliche or over the top. They WILL BE “indulging in your every fantasy” though (ooh la la). And are DEFINITELY planning to take “the next step towards a MAJOR commitment”. Just as we have been seeing, this IS ALL COMING. “Just be ready!” • Charms: 🧧Red String of Fate - that pull is SO STRONG right now. I’m seeing it “pulling in” your divine counterpart placing them RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. • 💛Citrine - ABUNDANCE awaits! And I’m also hearing “tons of AMAZING surprises” are coming your way. • 🎲Dice - Someone is getting ready to “take this chance”, “lay it all out” and “bet it all on YOU”. Spoiler alert: it will pay off. 😉 •
  • Sometimes, it all too easy to become set in our ways. While we all have hopes and dreams, achieving them can only be done by changing our habits; if we want a change, something has to change! ✨🌙 So, if you're seeking a little help and guidance along the way, why not book a tarot reading to unlock what is waiting for you on your personal journey? 🔮 I offer a range of tarot options suitable for everyone, from face to face, online or even via a quick and easy tarot text back service. Simply head to my website to find out and book your reading today! 💻 #tarotcardreading #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreading #tarotreader #tarotreadersofinstagram #dailytarot #tarotcard #tarotdaily #tarotcommunity #psychic #astrology #tarotdeck #pickacard #pickacardreading #twinflame #tarotonline #oraclecards #divination #loveandlight #spiritual #dailyoraclecard #oceanictarot #oraclereadings #goldenuniversaltarot #devilreeves #inspirationtarot #inspiredlife #viceversatarot #TarotLovers
  • Nothing quite like having a deck that you love and speaks your language. #goldenuniversaltarot
  • GENERAL COLLECTIVE READING (8/21) : . ⚖️ . Again, the lesson/advice of Freedom that Spirit gave today is aligned with today’s energetic reading. It might be beneficial for you to read that post first. As always, take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Let’s jump into it!!!! . ⚖️ . To give it to you short and sweet, Viewer, you’re trying to balance two options that you feel you need to choose between. These cards are telling me that you know the outcome of either situation (bc you have great intuition!!!!) but you’re stuck trying to find the “perfect” method/tactic to go about this and I can see why.... The Devil is here. . ⚖️ . Now, FYI, The Devil isn’t a bad card. I don’t believe any tarot cards are “good” or “bad”, they just read the energies of the situation. The Devil placed here shows me you’re bound and tied to something rooted in the past. For some of you, this is a relationship (note the couple chained on the card). Regardless of what it is, it’s bordering on obsession. You feel you can’t move into the future because of something that’s holding you back, so you’re obsessing over the idea that there’s nothing you can do. You’re doomed!!! . ⚖️ . (.....continued in comments)
  • A little Tarot reading for you all. Deck: The Golden Universal Tarot. Cards: Temperance and The Star. Take your time to find out what works for you. Take your time to find out who you truly are. The recipes of life are never perfect, there’s no one exact way of being and there’s no one exact way about going about things, sometimes you have to wing it. The trial and error’s of life help us find what makes us who we are, and how we transcend as the years go by. These two lovely cards are letting us know to be open to our own personal changes. Sometimes as we grow, we try to look for the meaning that we respond to the most...all the things that make us feel whole, and a part of that is not always knowing everything. Sometimes it’s about taking risks, taking chances, letting experiences make us who we are, and mold us as we continually change. You are a special one of a kind recipe in this life. Give yourself time to figure things out. . . . . . #goldenuniversaltarot #tarotpulloftheday #tarotreadings #temperance #thestar #tarotreadersofinstagram #dailypull #brujas #witchesofinstagram #reikimastersoflongbeach #reikimastersoflongbeach #spirit #shadowwork
  • #Tarot Energy Check-In August 20th 2019 Faith/ 9 of Cups/ Death/ Page of Swords Faith is one of the hardest things to hold onto during radical change. When you are reaching for that wish, the simple feeling of pleasure, peace and stability. It isn’t physically tangible. It’s mixed with all the stories, ideals, lights and shadows of our inner selves. And yet, even amongst the murkiest sides of our psyche, it can live and thrive. That is the main advice of the week. The shift is internal and the change is coming. You may be even seeking ways of how you can make this change (Death) happen faster because in reality, you’ve checked out. But remaining in your faith of self will keep your arms open to the next step. Be weary of moving forward with the sword of ideals as to not “cut off” an opportunity. Instead, like the woman depicted in La Fe, leave your hand and heart open, looking toward the wish and feeling of satisfaction and rewards. Book a reading by emailing: [email protected] Link in bio • • • • • • #tarotscopes #tarotreading #tarot #fullmoon #lionsgateportal #queertarot #goldenuniversaltarot #tarotdelosantiguos #spanishtarot #empath #healing #brujasofinstaram #brujo #leoseason #cartomancy #westhollywood #losangeles #selenite #tarothealing #tarottuesday
  • New tarot deck with the imagery decorated with gold foil! ✨ #tarotcards #goldenuniversaltarot #tarot
  • ✨Daily Guidance✨ 08/20/19 💞Twin Flames💞 • Channeled Song: Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves • The High Priestess, Ace Of Wands & Six of Cups - There is a deep sense of “knowing” that this UNION is “inevitable” at this point. I’m hearing “BOTH counterparts KNOW THIS and are following their HEART & INTUITION above all else”. There is still a sense of this “secret planning” for this return or entrance with the Six of Cups & “passion brewing” with the Ace of Wands. I’m hearing “excitement awaits!” 🔥 • Page of Cups, Queen of Pentacles, Eight of Wands - while the masculine continues to “prepare his offer” (still in this way of it being a surprise), the feminine is IN HER POWER. She is FEELING HERSELF and I’m hearing if you are not, “GET YOURSELF ON THIS VIBRATION, YOU ARE THE EMPRESS and more powerful than you know especially right now.” With the 8 of Wands, communication IS coming and I’m getting this could come in a variety of different ways: direct & indirect, subtle hints, 5D communication, dreams, signs, etc so be on the lookout. • Charms: 🐉💗The Dragon & The Heart - through ALL this separation has put both twins through, they have carried the LOVE with them and defended and FOUGHT for the connection “and now are WINNING” I just heard. • 💎Treasure Chest - with the “L” on it. What is your treasure? TRUE LOVE. • 🏇🏻The Knight - I just heard “ready or not, he’s coming in” so again GET READY! •
  • Top 5 decks I can’t live without! Guys if possible do participate in this fun VR! 🙂🙂🙂 A big thank you to @misshoneybare for starting something so cool 🙂💖 Headover to my YT channel SilverMoonCat or copy paste this link in your browser to check out my video 🙂 #youtube #youtubers #instagram #tarotcards #vrtokellybear #top5tarotdecks #igers #tarotreadersofinstagram #kellybear #silvermooncat #youtuber #youtubevideos #tarotcards #tarot #myfavorite #youtubelife #youtubevideo #shotoniphone #picoftheday #nofilter #witchesofinstagram #witchythings #tarotdecks #ninelivestarot #goldenuniversaltarot #wildwoodtarot #hermetictarot #letarotnoir
  • My green little sanctuary 🌿🌿 I finally have a larger space for tarot readings and magickal workings and arts and crafts and actual sit down meals and need I mention... more plants!! #houseplants #tarot #goldenuniversaltarot #witchesofinstagram #pagansofinstagram #witchcraft #magick #tarotreading
  • ✨Daily Guidance✨ for Twin Flames “in preparation for UNION” as it was given to me 08/19/19 • Channeled Song: Come See About Me by The Supremes • Six of Wands, The Magician & Justice - I heard “VICTORY is on the horizon” as soon as this popped out. With The Magician the DM IS manifesting this, “setting his plans into action” just the same as the DF is manifesting by continuing to remain POSITIVE and IN HER KNOWING. I’m getting that the DM “KNOWS this justice is owed” “and THE UNIVERSE does too”, I’m also hearing “TRUST, clarity will be coming regarding this SOON.” • Nine of Cups, The Star & King of Wands - “BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE” I’m hearing that you WILL have “everything you have ever dreamed of” regarding this union. This is almost like a promise from the universe saying “just wait, it will be SO WORTH the wait”. With The Star I’m getting that many are realizing the true definition of DIVINE TIMING and understanding many of the things they’ve had to heal along the way. And despite whatever “pesky little doubts” are creeping up, YOU ARE READY now. It’s solely about STAYING in your faith and continuing to HOLD SPACE in your heart for this. With the King of Wands, The DM has got “MAJOR PLANS” for you. I’m hearing “he is planning as we speak!” Things ARE definitely moving forward, again whether you see it right now in the physical or not. • Charms: ✈️The Passport - AGAIN. Travel is involved and possibly international for a lot of you. I’m getting that this is a lot of this “planning”, “waiting for the PERFECT TIME”. • 🥀Waiting - The Universe HAS seen how patient you have been waiting for this to come together and I’m getting “you ARE NOT waiting in vain”. • 🎀The Ballerina - I’m getting that if you think your DM isn’t thinking about you, “THINK AGAIN”, you are almost constantly on his mind and in his dreams, also interacting VERY HEAVILY in the 5D. • The Letter “Q” - your king coming to make you HIS QUEEN. •
  • This was an interesting pull for the collective. If you look at the astrology of the cards: 4 of Swords is Libra, 8 of Pentacles is Virgo, and the Sun is, well, the Sun, which is the planetary ruler of Leo. So we have three signs, in backward order - we are ending Leo season now, enter Virgo season at the end of this week, then at the end of September comes Libra season. — What I’m picking up on is a major avoidance of moving on. It’s fascinating... This year has been such a purge, such a major time of figuring out what structures, beliefs and people no longer work for us. While difficult sometimes, many of us have been resilient, pushing onward as we drop all this debris we’ve been carrying for far too long. Now with Leo season, we’ve had a breather. There’s been a lightness we haven’t felt in a long time and I think some of us don’t want to lose it. We don’t want to go back to facing our demons, especially if 2019 pre-August was rocky for us...why go back?! But that’s the thing - we’re never really going back. The energies moving forward for the rest of this year will be more bearable because we’re building our new foundations right now. We are stronger. You’ll continue to have some upheavals I’m sure, but Virgo season is coming to help you integrate all you’ve learned so far this year, and then Libra season will come in to provide the balance you need to unshakably believe you’re standing on solid ground. You got this. Enjoy the end of Leo season, but once it’s over, don’t wish for it to come back. Embrace the determination and grit Virgo season wants to activate in your life. You’re carrying Leo energy into the next season, I promise. But it’s going to get grounded. Don’t be too hard hard on yourself, watch out for being overly critical or a perfectionist, and keep your heart & mind open for ways you can be of service to others. The cards here are telling a story about the avoidance of authentic internal and external work, in favor of your ego and self-centered pursuits. Always put yourself first, but the only way you can productively do that (without letting ego override your actions) is by working inside yourself, establishing that inner harmony.
  • #TarotForGrowthAugust Day 3. How can I be more resilient? By looking inward and finding the balance in life. Embracing peace and calmness over emotional extremes will allow me to be prepared for whatever comes because I will be an emotionally stable place at the start. This was a good pull today. 🔮 @bujowitchcraft #tarotcards #tarotreading #tarotcardreadings #tarotrreadersofinstagram #tarottribe #divination #goldenuniversaltarot
  • This reading almost didn’t happen, but I’m so glad it did. I was shuffling and shuffling and no cards were coming out, so I was going to put them down and try again later sometime. Then suddenly I felt guided to keep going. My hands didn’t want to put down the cards. The message was clear: good things take time to happen. Be patient, slow down, but don’t stop. I had a feeling a 3 Card love story would come out at once, and after some time, it did. Things don’t always happen when we want them to but that doesn’t mean we should immediately stop caring or trying. The Nine of Swords, Six of Cups and Ace of Cups came out and confirmed the message to me. Bottom of the deck was the Knight of Pentacles and Five of Wands. We feel stress when we don’t have control over a situation because we’re afraid we won’t get what we’re wanting (or deserve.) This is an important reminder that what is meant for you will always be for you, and circumstances, time, and space are merely constructs of separateness. You could be dealing with someone who is under a lot of pressure, both mentally and in their daily life. These cards are indicative of a loving, well-thought out offer from someone, after a period of strife and unrest. The Knight of Pentacles is slow, but he’s steady and determined. True love is on the horizon for many of us in the collective, and a special shoutout to the #AceofCups for making its fourth appearance this week🥰 ∞ #tarot #love #soulmates #twinflames #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #twinflamereading #sacredunion #divinecounterparts #goldenuniversaltarot
  • Hi All! Hopefully the full moon being nice but we all know “SHIfT” is happening. from now until the end of August I’m offering 30% off my 30 min readings. Perfect for trying tarot for the first time or zeroing in on one concern. Aquarius Full Moon Energy is the opportunity to heal from past traumas. The stagnant situations we let live are now coming to a close and we are being asked to level up. Internal empowerment, self justice and claiming your power. Jupiter going direct has only added fuel to this inner fire, allowing us to stand in our truth. Listen in for your advice for this Aquarius Full Moon. Book a reading by emailing: [email protected] Link in bio • • • • • • #aquariusfullmoon #tarotscopes #tarotreading #tarot #fullmoon #lionsgate #queertarot #goldenuniversaltarot #tarotdelosantiguos #spanishtarot #empath #healing #brujasofinstaram #brujo #leoseason #cartomancy