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  • Working on one of the last diys we are putting into the Waco house today. It’s a Bermuda shade which will help give shade to this room which gets the hottest in the summer 😉 excited to show you guys how we made it!! #believablediy #airbnb #wacotx #airbnbhost
  • Since we’ve completed the Waco house I’ve been focusing more on my art. Painting, drawing and photography (mostly taking photos) so now I found myself a photo challenge where every day I take a picture in a specific category. This will push me to practice more with my lens’s, camera and editing programs 🤗 I’ll take you along the ride of course 😉 as today’s will be interesting, it’s a self portrait 🙈 let’s be real I’m not putting my whole face in this shot cause I can’t take myself seriously! Soooo half a self portrait is my interpretation of self portrait 🤣 #believablediy
  • I love this shot of our front door 😍 mainly because the blue color looks grey and it’s giving me all the feels ♥️ we talk way to much about painting he blue to a softer grey tone and every time we move a little bit closer to actually doing it 🙈 but that’s one of those huge projects we lately just don’t have the time for. Also on that list: extend the drive way, build more fence, install lattice on the front porch for more privacy. All projects on our giant wish list 🤗 till then I’m going to stare at this picture and pretend we painted the house 😉 #believablediy #airbnbhost #waco #wacotx
  • Fresh cupcakes and new kitchen art made by @happyholderhome 🖤 the perfect modern art piece that our bare wall needed and I love it! #believablediy #waco #airbnbhost
  • Happy Monday 🤗 heading up to Waco to flip the house for our next guests 😁 then back home and start selling some furniture! Yesterday we went through half the house and removed everything we don’t use and won’t use to sell. Now we have to go through the other half and do the same thing, this next section is more annoying! All the extra kitchen boxes we never even opened when we moved here 🤦🏻‍♀️ just trying to get rid of stuff for a garage sale. I really don’t understand how the 2 of us can fill a giant 16 foot moving truck! That’s way way too much stuff! With all of that I have a couple pieces of furniture I’m fixing up as well to sell 😊 I’ll share that whole process tonight #believablediy
  • Finally grabbed a photo of our diy internet box - swipe left for up close shots! It’s so nice having the internet modem tucked away out of sight but in something that also fits the house 🤗 its the small details that make the home. I saved the details of how we made this on my highlights♥️ #believablediy #waco #wacotx
  • I’m back home and missing my nephew so much ♥️ every time I fly back to Texas I fall more in love with it! Even the Austin airport alone is amazing, the people, the bbq and even live music in the airport! I miss family but am so in love with Texas ♥️ back to our usual stuff today 🤗 searching for boulders for the front years, fixing up and selling furniture and getting bbq!!! #waco #believablediy #mylampsplus
  • I’m in California stealing all the cuddles with my nephew and letting his parents get a nights rest while Frankie is getting ready to flip the house for our next guests in Waco. Wish I was there helping but not ready to give up all the cuddle time just yet 👶🏼 #waco #believablediy #airbnbhost
  • “Be a 🧁 in a world of muffins” happy Tuesday friends ♥️ #believablediy #wacotx
  • I’m finally putting a quote on the black wall outside🙋🏻‍♀️ it’s only taken me 3 months to figure it out 😅 my plan today is to start and finish this project and then all the home diy projects are done 😭🙌🏻🎊 (minus the home upkeep) as long as it doesn’t rain I’ll be outside working away🤞🏻that the overly textured wall doesn’t ruin my idea! #believablediy #airbnbhost #waco #airbnb
  • We finally have a layout for this living room that not only flows perfectly but take beautiful photos 🖤🙋🏻‍♀️ This space is a little smaller with 3 points of traffic: front door, dining room and hall way. Making sure that the couch is situated in a spot that doesn’t have people tripping over it and also being able to watch tv is a smidge difficult. Probably would of been easier if we had a smaller couch but we wanted to have it open to a queen size bed for our guests 🤗 Moral of this story is “change isn’t bad!” Keep moving everything around until you feel it’s perfect and then do it again to learn what you don’t like. Only way we grow🙌🏻 Happy Friday friends ♥️ #homesofwaco #believablediy #waco #airbnbhost #airbnb
  • The stripes are done 🤗🖤 and my sun burn is only a little bad 🔥🙋🏻‍♀️I haven’t even gotten to the black wall but now I at least I know what I want to do with it. Also i finally convinced Frankie to rearrange the living room and he loves it! It’s been a good couple of days! Here’s to another of day of not burning 🙋🏻‍♀️ #believablediy #homesofwaco #airbnbhost #airbnb @airbnb #waco
  • The black stripes is the little extra pop the backyard needed 🖤🤗 as this house is strictly for airbnb we want it to have a fun, eclectic and beautiful look. Like a beautifully throughout hotel. Now we have bigger plans for this backyard one day, right now this is the best we can do and I love it! Today I add something (still not 100% sure what that is) to that black wall. What I am 100% on is putting sunscreen on 🙈 the sunburn on my back is crazy intense...oops 🤦🏻‍♀️🔥 #believablediy #homesofwaco #airbnbhost #waco
  • I finally start working on this white and black guest house walls today!!!!! First the black wall needs something, it’s just blank. But the white walls are also getting an exciting update that I can’t wait to share!!! #homesofwaco #believablediy #airbnbhost
  • Well this cold kick my butt last week, I got barely anything done but now I’m back (still 🤧 but not sick 💃🏼) and ready to take this week on! We have something really exciting happening next week! So starting today through Thursday we have the house to ourselves to finish some last minute projects and to get it to look even more perfect!!! Including finally painting that black wall 🙈🙌🏻 #believablediy #airbnbhost #homesofwaco
  • Today is a busy day #sponsored by knock off DayQuil, why? Cause Frankie infected me with this cold, so I blame him!! In other news we found out our neighborhood has a website and they are doing a neighborhood wide garage sale 🙌🏻 we’re selling everything!!! We’ve been in Texas for almost a year and still have boxes of decor we haven’t opened, so out it goes to a better family 🤣 does anyone else ever crave that feeling of when you take down all your Christmas decorations and your house feels empty??? That’s what I’m going for with this garage sale 🤣🙌🏻🙋🏻‍♀️ okay I feel crazy over here on my knock off brand DayQuil. Catch me on the flip side... on my stories...I’m done 🤧 #instagraminfluencer #notarealad #believablediy #homesofwaco #airbnb
  • Well I’m not immune to the cold no matter how much apple cider vinegar I drink 🤒but I’m better now just a little clogged nose that makes me sound ohh sooo sexy 🤧 other than my cold some exciting things happened yesterday that I’ll be sharing on my stories because I know I don’t have enough space here to ramble again 😁 So today we are headed up to flip the home for our next guests and change out some curtains in the living room plus a make a giant list of some other projects we need to finish♥️ #believablediy #airbnbhost #waco #homesofwaco
  • I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend to relax & enjoy family. Cause that’s exactly what we did! We acted like a married couple not business partners, & that right there is work life balance at its best ♥️ During this whole journey of ours the hardest thing was to create that balance where when we are working we are business partners, where we can’t get hurt by each others opinions (it’s not personal it’s business). Even if we had an argument that has nothing to do with our work for the day that we still need to communicate with each other and get our work done. Most likely the arguments are from our relationship side of things not from work. A goal of mine for 2019 was to solve the arguments quickly, let’s be honest we argue, we disagree by that doesn’t mean it needs to take over the entire day! As much horrible fun as it is 🙄 when we have an argument we take a breather make sure nothing is said with high strung emotions & talk about it (ya know the old school way) “I feel hurt when blah blah blah was said” 99.9% 🤞🏻 apologies are said & everything is solved. But sometimes those hurt emotions don’t go away immediately so we are just PATIENT with each other, we RESPECT each others space & we understand that not everything can be solved in a split second. Why am I saying all this 🤔 well comments are made all the time “I could never work with my partner” or “you guys are just still young & in love so it’s easy” an NO it’s not easy!!!! Marriage is work, building a business is hard/stressful work! Doing both of those at the same time is A LOT OF WORK! Our life isn’t perfect, our marriage isn’t perfect. But I do think we are perfect for each other. We encourage each other, we push each other to push our limits and our creativity, to step out of our comfort zone and be the best person we know we can be. At the end of the day that’s all this is, just going through life together whether we fail or succeed at this stage in our lives. It’s just enjoying the journey together ♥️ & not spending too much time on the little arguments about why didn’t you put your clothes in the hamper😤! Thank you for listening to my caffeine induced ramble of the day 😅 #believablediy
  • I shared a little about ourselves yesterday on my stories which I will safe to a highlight as well. Going down memory lane just reminded me of how much work we put into our first home. Not only the basics: floor, paint and some fixtures. But we added molding and beautiful details to almost every room! The stairs was definitely our favorite project. Once we added molding to the support pole going to the second floor everything felt complete and beautiful. And all the molding used for that one project was all the left over from previous ones 🤗🙋🏻‍♀️ always looking to save a dollar 🤑 #believablediy #throwback
  • Today starts our first crazy adventure with renting out our house on airbnb; for the next 2 weeks we have 6 back to back stays 🤭😁 this is what we’ve worked so hard for and we are prepared🤞🏻! We thought of every possibly thing our guests might need or want during their stay, so all should go well 🙈 I’m just always a little nervous before a guest checks in, I want everyone to have an amazing experience at our home. . On a side note I just want all the leaves to come back so our backyard doesn’t look as scary 🤣 #believablediy #waco #airbnbhost