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Card Reveal ✨ Deck > Oceanic Tarot Current Situation This period is the end of the heaviest problems. Its a recovery time of work conflict. However, deeply still having a heavy emotion stuck in your heart. What’s going to happen next? You will start to feel relieved and don’t care anything. Can say that feeling ignore things that happen with you. Whosoever do anything, you don’t mind. On the contrary, be concerned, you will feel abandoned or feel not be valued like being in a forgotten spot. Chance/Obstacle Your luck is not so cruel. There will be new opportunities come and you will feel be accepted again. Maybe not from here but other places instead. Conclusion Of course there will be changes or moves but need to be patient. Trying to calm your mind and everything will be good by its own time. Advice/Suggestion Be patient with love and compassion. Feeling good about yourself and you will overcome all the obstacles that come through. Message from Isis The situation involves your past-life memories. The roots of your mind are strong, deep, and some have taken you in past memories from faraway times. These roots hold on to you, making it difficult to move. Go forward so that you can discover and erase past memories. Sometimes you bury those memories to protect yourself from mental pain or shame. Reveal yourself and you will discover the hidden clever ways. Spread > @devilreeves 🌞 #tarot #tarotcard #tarotcardreading #loveandlight #weeklyreading #oraclecards #oraclereadings #devilreeves #pickacard #pickacardreading #pickacardreadings #dailyadvice #dailyoracle #dailyoraclecard #dailyoraclereading #thephychictarot #goldenuniversaltarot #inspirationtarot #inspiredlife #viceversatarot #oceanictarot #universalfantasytarot #tarotthecompletekit #wheeloftheyeartarot #therobinwoodtarot

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